March 18, 2008

Mesmerizing Trash TV, Britain’s Youngest Brides is EPIC!

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It`s an old show, but never outdated…


Catrina sporting a wedding dress with 50.000 Swarovski crystals (jammed into a limo), just too good!


Definitely of the best teen-trash documentaries ever to come out of teen-trash Britain ❤


March 11, 2008

Haruki Murakami`s empty vessel…A wild sheep chase!

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Very bad things can happen if you don’t have a clear perception of who you are. Being an empty vessel  lacking identety, can leave you prune to becoming the host of the evil and selfish star sheep…


I am definitely getting a personality ASAP (though a visit by the star sheep, wold be a reasonable plan B)

A wild sheep chase is briliant, love it…

March 8, 2008

Face recognition tecnology & the death of emo

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By comparing YOU to millions of other (Asian) people, this camera can recognice your age and gender…very convenient.


age is determined by checking bonestructure, wrinkles and placement of eyes and mouth.

An other interesting invention by Omron, is a camera that take your picture by the signal of a smile…


The Emo`s will die a slow and undocumented death….such a shame!

March 3, 2008

Dressed to kill – russia`s fashionable couture army

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The military is taking their style back, and by all means, its mind-blowing….


Designed by Valentin Yudashkin, one of russias most prominent desingers…


Those lambskin collar is definitely worth dying for…


More is more…


and even Putin seems to be in a chummy mood…


February 29, 2008

Mary-kate vs. Chanel, the paris fashion week showdown!

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Who wore each other bettter?

Can not decide, it is a match made in styling heaven…


adding a twin and dash of Lagerfeld, constitute a delightful sandwich….appetizing!


this totaly makes up for his disastrous H&M collection!

February 27, 2008

John Galliano goes Chave – Accessories by Galliano

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This is what happens when the original starts imitating the copy….


The “collection” is produced with the finest materials such as faux oilskin leathers, washed nylon, distressed calfskin with a vintage feel and kilim-printed corduroy….

Pray, and pray that he soon will be back on his old fabulous track…


where he belongs…

February 16, 2008

Sheikh mohammed bin rashid al maktoum, my future second husband <3

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The king of dreams Sheikh Mo, have a vision to transform Dubai (with a population of only 240 000 lucky people) into an Arab and Muslim superpower.  

Contrasting Norwegians oil wealth, which is discreetly hidden away, for no one to see. The Muslim-Arab ethnicitas recognise the true value of  money, its potential to turn the world into an oasis of beauty ❤ More is more and the sky`s no limit…

Burj Dubai (edit: mistaken identity) Burj khalifa, a magnificent tower which will rise from the desert sand by the end of 2008:


The Dubai Towers, an imitation of a candlelight flame, too romantic…


And one must not forget, the good old Palm islands…  


February 15, 2008

Moods of Norway brings the glamorous mountain…

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to the gray and dull valley-streets of Oslo.

One just can`t walk past such a delightful entrance… 


Neither a beautiful T-shirt, floating on a bed of flowers….


or the inventive designer duo Peder Børresen and Simen Staalnacke, posing by a golden tractor!


Looking good in white…

For an online fix: Moods of norway

February 10, 2008

The grace of Galliano – Dior fall08/winter09

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What better way to première this blog, then by attendance master of brilliance…

John Galliano – Diore fall/winter 2008/2009

Its so maximalistic & rich, but at the same time clean & pure.







I want to be buried in that crimson red balloon dress with feather collar. By all means, I will  be in heaven ❤ 

December 24, 2007

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!